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Post by Admin on Thu Nov 25, 2010 9:26 pm

Welcome to Kingdom Hearts: First Mix Plus! Please read the following rules, so you don't do anything stupid, and then we have to yell at you, and you will leave...and that means you'll miss out on all the cool stuff we do.


Remember this is a TEXT BASED RP site

Site Rules and Regulations:

God Modding - (Noun, English Modern)

The act of creating or playing with an invincible character or unbreakable armor, limitless power, etc. Some players will create a brand new character, and that character is automatically gifted with skills, and nearly impossible to take on right from the start. This happens when a newer character goes against an established one, and the newer character god-mods themselves as if they've been around the same length of time.

Active: When you decide the outcome of your attack without giving your opponent a chance to react or controlling a player you haven't got the right to.

Auto hitting.
The act of making decisions and/or actions for the target of your roleplay. Example: Player A sends a round house kick careering into Player B's jaw, a sound of shattering bones accompanies the scream of Player B as his jaw is broken on impact.
Acts such as this are highly dishonorable and are the worst form of godmodding that can be performed.

The act of constant regeneration and/or dodging of attacks and actions etc. This is commonly found in battle-situation role-plays. Classifications such as these are usually only used by the more experienced roleplayers, usually to be only used after a certain level of experience is reached. Acts such as this are not entirely dishonorable, for they are hard to notice, however this classification usually halts the Storyline from advancing any further, making the story both unfair and simply not fun. Example: After being struck by the blade aiming for his jugular Player A would immediately use his anti-matter shield to regenerate within a matter of seconds. (See levels for powers)

This when someone uses OOC gained information IC normally to gain advantage. For example Player A has a fear of cheese and suddenly Player B pulls out a piece of cheese when player A hasn't told him his fear is cheese. A less serious but equally annoying example is when people use your name when your character hasn't told them it.

Acts are usually taken against auto hitting to a high extremity level. Being that it is very dishonorable and highly unfair, to a level where you can refuse to roleplay with people/role-players who god mod or ignore the attack. If such a thing happens PM me and state
"auto hit ignored in your post."

Powermodding, however, is very hard to avoid. Being that some role-players do not notice, and power playing is very hard to detect. Some people would think they are being completely fair, when in reality they are not. Remember to check your opponents stats and powers so you know what they are capable of when sparring or fighting with them.


Attacking someone in OOC about something personal not as a character or IC.

Using unapproved things:

Things are approved for a reason, so god mod abilities can be weeded out and edited. Only if a topic has had no mod/admin examine it after 3 days may you send a PM or bump it.

Do not post anything on site before you have your character approved; do it to many times and there will be consequences.

Posting frequent unnecessary topics or comments to increase their post count. You will be warned and the continual breaking of this rule as with all the others will lead to suspension and if it carries on, a full ban.

One line role play.
This reflects very very poor RP skills and will be what your ability will be based on, the bigger the post the better but just make sure there is at least reasonable detail. You need to be descriptive with your RP and you MUST have at least 30 words in each RP post.

Multiple Accounts:
This enables you to concentrate more on one character. Don't even try to create two or more, i can find out by your IP address if you don't like your current character and would like to create a new one just PM and admin, you can make a new one and they'll delete your old one.

Fast tracking
Users who think just because they believe their originally make their characters super strong in one status before even coming to the site and boosting the rest of us how powerfully they are or act overpowered from just starting here. EVERYONE SHARES THE SAME LEVEL ONE STATUS WHEN THEY MAKE IT HERE. No one is ultra power or supper fast right away you need to build up in the site history to get those abilities and respect the users that have been here longer, they have already developed their characters well enough to most likely be a very hard challenge to the other players that have not been here as long.

Multiple RP's
Users cannot be in more than a certain amount of RPs! It's a nice incentive, however, it ruins continuity terribly. No user is allowed to be in more than 5 active rp's at once. Continuity is something that is important to the whole site. Admins will check, and give you a warning if they find you are toeing the line. They will pm you as a warning, and you must sacrifice a few rp's and leave them or let them die. Should they find non-compliance, the offending users may find themselves banned for a few days for ignoring the warning.

Users that because of the above think their character is great, or above everybody else, is not okay.

Other rules

Inappropriate content.
This is not a porn site, nor a drugs site or a horror site. We do not want to see any pictures showing sex, drugs or excessive gore. Also, please don't RP sex scenes. Do it in PM and if you really have to, put " The scene goes black" signifying it.

Proper English.
No text talk most certainly. Spelling mistakes we allow for and grammar too but please try your best to get these right again you RP looks better and you get more stars.

You need to respect all mods and admins, they have been allocated their positions for a reason. This is not a site that has mods for the sake of mods or mods because they know the owner. You will only get a mod position if you prove to us you deserve it. So respect that they have earned their position and if you get on well with them you'll get on well with all of us.

_________________ Rules in a NUTSHELL:

1. You CANNOT USE ANYTHING without approval.

2. No copying/plagiarism.

3. Be descriptive. The more detailed and clear it is, the quicker it gets processed and the quicker you can use it.

4. ALWAYS use the template, if you don't it won't get approved.

5. NO GODMOD ITEMS. No unbreakable armors, no weapons that can cut anything, no five MP spells that insta-kill.

Normal Definitions

Flamming - Attacking someone in OOC about something personal not as a character or IC.

OOC - Out of character, when you want to say something your character wouldn't say. Eg. " OOC - I'm going to bed now we'll finish this in the morning " Try to avoid using this as much as possible a could indicator of a good RP'er is if they can describe their moves and intentions without having to go to into OOC over some confusion.

IC / BIC - In character / Back in character this is used after a OOC comment telling the other player that they are now writing about their character (What they're doing/saying)

Canon character - A character from a series or a game normally associated with the game a site is based on though it is different in our case where it merely means a character belonging to someone else's book/game or film.

Mary Sue An original character ( oc ) normally a term used in fan fiction for a perfect character, perfect hair, everybody loves her, perfect body, perfect singing voice, perfect fighter etc.


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