Of Note: What Came Before Us

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Of Note: What Came Before Us

Post by Admin on Tue Feb 26, 2013 11:39 pm

I want to thank kingdomhearts.forumotion.net; their systems were the basis for ours. They've been refined or overhauled but we owe them for our existence. They are our parent site, and without them and their staff we could not have come into being!

I would also like to give thanks to the sites preceding this one; they were responsible for helping distill the systems into their current form.

http://demonownedyou.forumotion.com/ was the original form of this site founded a few years back, then resurrected last year. Sadly, it faded into obscurity but it was from this site that we gained the sheer amount of abilities we are capable of having as well as a prototype of our simplified Elements list.

http://dragonballunlimited.forumotion.com/ was a side project that introduced gaining abilities via points instead of posts. It rewarded members for RPing intead of simply posting, though internal stability issues eventually caused its abandonment. We retain the points system introduced there in its most recent form, which was introduced on the successor to DemonOwnedYou.

http://sohtriessource.forumotion.com/ put into practice the huge library of abilities possible in DemonOwnedYou and the refined the points system of DragonBallUnlimited into its best form by far, totaling only 4000 RP posts to max out a character (a cap we have gladly retained here). They also introduced a flexibility system called "Blank Notes" which equal our Empty Slots system, which allowed greater diversity among the player base as the people progressed towards the endgame. All of out systems descend from a fusion of Kingdom Hearts RPG and Sohtrie's Source, leading to our namesake:

Kingdom Hearts: First Mix Plus


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