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Post by Sirius on Wed Feb 27, 2013 12:57 am

Name: Sirius K. Night

Age: 3

Race: Replica

Trait The user naturally creates electricity in his body over time via physical activity or adrenal glands. Each post the user is physically active (including fighting) or has adrenaline pumping through their body, they create a 1% electrical charge in their body. For the purpose of this enchantment, each 1% that the charge equals, the user gets an additional 1% boost in Speed, Strength, and Agility. The maximum each stat can be raised is 15%, but the electrical charge can go up to 100%. After 15% is gained, every 5% gain of this charge regenerates 5 MP.

Weapons: Unarmed

Elements: Lightning - Water - Wind

Appearance: Standing at just over 6'2, Sirius is a rather lean young man. He has pale yellow eyes that are rather narrow, with a set of almost-perfectly white teeth. His darkish-blue hair runs right past his eyes and all the way down to his waist, but he usually keeps it tied and to the back. He wears a low cut, pale green shirt that slightly sags, as well as a Letterman's jacket over it. He usually completes this attire with a pair of dark blue jeans or slacks, depending on how he feels. Sirius is almost always seen with his trademark headphones, though he rarely plugs them in to anything (mainly because there's nothing to plug them in to unless your at home and you have a magical music player). A sign of battle is him taking these off.

Personality: Sirius has a bone to pick with the world. He holds a lot of resentment for his lack of recognition as a person, and he tends to take it out on everyone. With a bit of a hot streak, Sirius is likely to fight anyone who agitates him to a certain point (which is pretty close to his normal level). He will fight someone even if he understands that he might loose, even die, and pointing out his weaknesses/unlikeness to win is something he particularly dislikes. Sirius is stubborn to a point, and acts rather rashly despite his above-average intellect. He cares for defenseless things and has a halfway sense of justice, but he doesn't act on it very often. Sirius prefers to get up close and fight hand to hand than have heavy swords and weapons to slow him down. He has many years experience with fighting unarmed due to being in MMA, and has practiced various forms of martial arts, but due to his focus on unarmed training he has no experience with weapons.

Affinities: Sirius excels is his Physical Strength and Offensive Magic.

Weakness: Sirius' abilities lack in his Magical Defense.

Who are you to tell me I'm not real? I'm as real as the lightning that strikes, but can never be touched or really seen.

History: Sirius Night was 16 when he died. He had a good, albeit short, life. He was a studying to be a professional fighter to go on and do MMA, but he was killed when a Gummi Ship crashed into the park he was at. Some Keyblader was on a mission to save the world but lost control and crash landed. Sirius' death was looked over as the Keyblader went on to defeat some Heartless and save the town. The manslaughter wasn't even brought up in court. Sirius had no parents, just a coach. His parents had disowned him when he wanted to become a fighter instead of a doctor, like his parents before him and so on. However, the Keyblader had an enemy. His name was Malik.

Malik was a professor of Darkness, the Keyblader's arch-nemesis or something. He had built many Replicas off the town's youth, just waiting for one to pass on. Sirius Night was the first to meet those requirements. He molded the young boy's body out of organic material and brought it to life Frankenstein Style; He electrocuted it and pumped it with Darkness. The youth came back to life, in a sense; he had is memories and all, but he also came with an additional piece to his puzzle. He hated Keybladers. Especially the one that had killed him. Malik, however, was dying by the time he was conscious after the revival. The lightning strike that had caused Sirius' rebirth had also cause a shock-wave that damaged all of Malik's organs, effectively killing him slowly. He was in so much shock that he couldn't tell Sirius anything, just a scared stare before his final breath. Sirius left the laboratory he was "born" in; some cellar behind a house. In his world. Even though he resented his family, Sirius needed to go tell them he was alive. The Keyblader had already left town.

When his parents answered the door, they staggered backwards. He told them to be happy he was back, that he had been brought back. They showed him his ashes, which they kept with them always. He was a clone, a copy. He wasn't real. He was not there son, he was an abomination. And then he was kicked out. In anger, Sirius went back to the laboratory and searched for something, anything, that would explain his existence. He found a Gummi ship's keys and a map, so he set off, taking Malik's Gummi Ship and started his search for what he was. The strange thing was, Malik's corpse was missing...

Pictures: Sirius Night Blue_h10

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