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Post by ReinaKaitlynn on Sat Mar 02, 2013 4:56 am

Name: Reina Kaitlynn Extraviena Dorcha Wolvenheim Jr. (Dark being)

Age: 2 Years (Host being was 19, effectively making her 21)

Race: Nekomata (Dark being)

Trait: Nekomata as a race bears tails and ears much like a cat's, but for the purposes of RP, this is cosmetic and won't have an effect on combat and is simply physical evidence to the following fact; Nekomata are naturally magically oriented. As such, she has mastery of more elements than most, one more to be exact, but she is slightly less able overall than her peers. (In other words, 1 extra element, 1 less "Stat point")

Weapons: Whips, Staves, Scepters, Rods.

Elements: Time, Nature, Cure, Space, Heart (Darkness).

Appearance: Reina's appearance mimics that of her original host in almost every regard, which is listed below.
Reina has very long sea green hair, which she lets flow behind her untied usually. She stands at about 5'6" with relatively pale skin, and emerald green eyes. Her build is light and feminine, with almost no muscle tone, minimal fat, and average chest dimensions. Generally she's seen adopting a more effeminate and flirtatious stance than anything else. Being a Nekomata, She's also got some thin fur lining her arms in a thin line on the outsides, along her legs on the outer sides (Also in thin lines), and somewhat covering other places that can't be seen. Also her appearance differs from that of a human in that her ears are cat-like, and stand up at an angle on her head. They move but as mentioned, for all intents and purposes function like a human pair of ears. She also has a tail which can be used for balance, but isn't strong enough for anything else. Both are covered in gentle shades of sea green fur, which is the color all of her fur shares. Even the scar originally meant for her host body, which is usually concealed beneath clothing, is present, and causes the same pain that it caused the original Reina.

Personality:Reina originally was a very kind, if a bit selfish, person. However, this incarnation of her is a far more dark, perverse version of her host self. This incarnation is flirty, persuasive, manipulative, and bold. Her love of heartless is unrivaled, believing herself to be the de-facto mother to all heartless, albeit adoptive mother. She would go to any length to protect her "children".

Affinities: Reina was always very magically able, this incarnation included, and therefore has both very high magic and magic defense affinities.

Weakness: Unfortunately she is rather physically inept, never having trained herself physically. She has very low physical strength and physical defense compared to most fighters.

History: This incarnation of Reina, henceforth referred to as "Dark" Reina, was born of the darkness that her host cast out for the sake of love. This darkness was able to manifest itself as a living being using the darkness of the world around her as a catalyst for her own "Birth". Her own darkness was so powerful that it was capable of willing revenge upon her host. Following her and her boyfriend for a long time she pursued them to their original home, before slaying the man, and mutilating her host. Before she could finish the deal, the man sealed her within the host, left to experience the agony of forfeit will for a long time.
Her hatred seethed, and grew, until it became powerful enough to taint the seal. She began to manipulate her host's mind and heart into believing false tales of a surreal past, making her swerve to the darkness. But the host saw through this ploy, and enlisted the aid of her newest friend and relationship, Kotor. The man attempted to kill the darkness that was brought forth, Dark Reina. However before she was slain, a heartless took her place and tore open a portal, sending her to a place that she did not recognize. She was freed again, but with only half a heart, she was emotionally frail and prone to mood swings (even more than usual), and still is. Her need for revenge was not satiated, but she has learned to let it go since. Although, in a twist of irony, she now bears a scar meant for her host, causing some troubles with her body's functions. This scar is concealed, but it causes many complications regardless...

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