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Post by Rorschach on Tue Mar 05, 2013 12:09 am

<<Entering Database>>

Loading . . .

<<Please enter Identification card>>

Processing . . .

<<User: Pam Gorr>>

<<Which file would you like to access?>>


Accessing File . . .

<<Enter Administration Code>>

Access Granted.


<<Rorschach is the most recently developed program and has been active for 1/2 hour>>

Data Entry: Encryption Code 01010010
<<When in combat Rorschach’s attacks disregard armor and transfer the pain as if the attack hadn’t been interfered with. The damage is not transferred and is blocked appropriately but the pain they would have felt is received as if the wound was received. If the attack is completely successful there is no additional pain to the injury>>

Data Entry: Weapon Affiliation
<<Rorschach has was designed to be proficient is primarily close ranged combat. The preferred weapon types would be the use of weapons that augment the hands such as claws, gauntlets and etc. and smaller weaponry along the lines of knives and daggers. Although, he is still proficient with swords heavier weaponry evades his area of expertise>>

Data Entry: Elemental Affiliation
<<Rorschach shows an attunement for the respective elements: Electricity, Earth, and Space>>

Data Entry: Program Model
<<Rorschach’s lean body stands at about 2 inches short of a full 6 feet. His grey skin compliments his white irises which are accentuated by both his black pupil and sclera that share the same, abysmal hue that his hair sports. Due to some faulty programming there is a scar on both sides of his face that wasn’t caused from a received injury. If left untamed his can fall down past his nose but due to the coding it seems to naturally avoid his eyes unless purposely pushed there>>

Data Entry: Program Behavior
<<Rorschach is a blunt and sometimes rude individual. Not particularly manipulative himself he understands the game and can choose to use it but leans against it. His overall attitude can be described as annoying, snarky and essentially equates to him being a wise-ass. Looking for what benefits him more working in a group or individually doesn't really matter to him as long as it helps him a fashion that he deems worthy>>

Data Entry: Affinities
<<Rorschach’s physical properties show severe inclination to Accuracy, Speed and Agility. Unlike the programs before him [[in this designated project]] Rorschach shows signs of being ambidextrous and Tech-savvy. He also seems to have the ability to read people's lips>>

Data Entry: Corrupt Data
<<Rorschach despite hardly needing it runs low on luck, his actions being successful as a result of skill. The program also lacks the capacity to produce complicated magic due to a bug in the program. Lacking social skills due to never having interaction with others some might consider the program rude. Rorschach shows a lack of skill in any and all string instruments and the ability to draw escapes him. >>

Data Entry: Historical Synopsis
<<Upon completion Rorschach prematurely activated and escaped the initial Empyrean Pod he was incased in. As programmed he searched out the system and checked for the rest of the programs and was unsuccessful in locating them. He currently has no information on whether or not they are in the facility and will be granted no such access.

Eventually finding the main operating system for the project he ended up having to hack through security and eventually get rejected due to lack of registration that could not be breached through programming.

Searching through the rest of the facility he found a separate room that he wasn’t initially allowed access to but was able to break in and found another Empyrean pod. Finding a woman that he oddly recognized as Pam Gorr in the tube he opened it and took her ID and searched her coding for her password which was difficult but eventually found.

Returning to the main operating system he entered the User ID and the appropriate password and would proceed to read the entries of data concerning him as well as the Administrative entries below this

He reads both to himself and then asks, "Who is Gabriel Aro?" before deleting this file>>

Administrative Entry I

<<Hello, Rorschach. You are my seventh, and most naturally disobedient, son. It’s unfortunate that you seem to already show signs of rebellion in the programming but we let the behavioral coding manifest through the rest of our work for we do not choose to control who you are or who you become.

This entry is to inform you of your own personalized origin. You were a simple coding at first and originally a construction program that helped build and navigate other programs but were eventually modified when we entered the world and chose you for your specific qualities.

We chose to give you a sentience that you would have never had normally so be grateful for the gesture of live we bestowed upon you.

By the time you have been activated and read this I will most likely have been deleted through the anti-virus installment this world has implemented. You and your siblings have been given a script that prevents you from being detected by said program.

Always remember: Love transcends death temporarily.
You will understand what that means someday.

Multim in parvo,
Pam Gorr>>

Administrative Entry II
<<Rorschach is the final, and most recent, program developed in our operation. As with the rest of the programs he too will inevitably search out his own data and delete it from the system. And upon discovery of his personalized data file he, as well as the rest of the programs, will only have recollection and knowledge of his mother; Pam Gorr

Multum in parvo,
Gabriel Aro>>

<<Are you sure you would like to delete this file?>>


Deleting . . .

File Deleted.

Encryption Code 01010010:
When in combat Rorschach’s attacks disregard armor and transfer the pain as if the attack hadn’t been interfered with. The damage is not transferred and is blocked appropriately but the pain they would have felt is received as if the wound was received. If the attack is completely successful there is no additional pain to the injury.
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Post by Ire on Tue Mar 05, 2013 12:53 am

Nicely done application.


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