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Orbis Anima
'Anne' or 'Anima'


World Spirit (Human).

-Elementalist's Fury-
Anima is able to 'attune' to each of her four elements. Doing so grants a stat bonus, particular to the element chosen.
Fire - +10% to strength.
Water/Ice - +10% to magic defence.
Nature - +10% to defence.
Heart (Light) - +10% to magic attack.
There must be a post between each element when switching 'attunements', at which time there is no active bonus.
When attuned to an element, spells of differing elements are weakened by 5%. Anima can be attuned to no element, but receives no stat bonuses in this state.

Sword + Shield.

Heart (Light)

Long white hair frames her pale face, parted in the center, melting down her shoulders and back. Her eyes shift in color, usually a stark, confronting shade of grey, they change depending on which element she is currently attuned to. Understandably, an amber red when attuned to fire, a pale blue when attuned to ice, and a deep green when attuned to nature.

Anne’s face is marked by an innocence deeply ingrained within her personality. One look is all it takes to see the lack of experience she has, but also the weight of the world that this child bears. While her body is that of a child, her face presents the intensity of one much older, a child forced into living a life always intended for one with more experience than she. As such, her façade is one that evokes a great sense of contrast. She is often perceived as helpless, one that requires the assistance of those around to protect her, though that is far from the truth...

Troubled. Anima’s heart is one that is constantly conflicted, while she yearns to do good, to protect those who she loves and even those she doesn’t, at times she is incapable. Selected, by chance, by her world to be a ‘protector of balance’, the World Spirit. As such she lives somewhere between the light and the dark, desperately seeking a place to belong, but constantly denied such a comfort. Therefore, she often appears detached from those around her. Her only true comfort is her brother, who she relies on to keep her grounded and connected to the worlds in which she is designed to maintain. When around those she trusts and knows well, she is somewhat more open, but not particularly trusting. She is naturally secretive, so it is difficult for her to be herself around any aside from her brother, but if the situation truly called for it, or she truly built up a solid relationship with another, she may reveal the soft, tender side of her heart.

Anima’s personality generally changes based on her elemental attunement at any given time, revealing a different side of the World Spirit depending on the situation and her current attunement.

:Fire attuned:
Stereotypically, the element of fire evokes the anger of Anima’s heart. While none of her attunements truly change her from the secretive image she usually presents, the flames bring about a cockiness and egotism not usually associated with the girl. She is also quick to anger and fighting, her flame attunement is not often activated unless by absolute necessity.

:Water/Ice attuned:
Quite the opposite of the fire attunement, Anima becomes almost bubbly when attuned to ice. She becomes slightly more outgoing and friendly, an attunement sometimes willingly entered into when communication is needed, however as with all of Anne’s attunements, she avoids it as possible. Despite everything, the attunements feel unnatural to her, much preferring to remain in her neutral form whenever possible.

:Nature attuned:
The nature attunement bears the most resemblance to Anima’s neutral state, stoic and protective like the stone. This form makes her feel most comfortable and safe, and is therefore her favourite of the four.

:Heart (Light) attuned:
This attunement has never been activated, nor discovered by the World Spirit. In her own world, mages and practitioners of magic were never truly able to harness the powers of light and darkness, but since travelling to other worlds and universes where this is much more common, who knows what could happen...

Blessed by the Spirit before her, like they all are, Anima's body is merely a vessel, capable of much more than it's appearance might suggest. Her strength and defence are high, exceeded only by her magical prowess, which is the highest of all her stats.

Unfortunately, as the chosen protector of her world, Anne is exceedingly susceptible to magic. She is also quite slow, favouring standing her ground with powerful defences rather than chasing after or running away from opponents.

From a world recently destroyed by the Heartless, Anne was once the most important individual in her universe. She was born the 'World Spirit', an ancient force destined to protect the balance and harmony of her worlds from both evil and good. Considered by some a benevolent force, and by others a lingering shadow, the Spirit is, by design, eternally conflicted. She was forced by her own will to protect the balance, something deep within her telling her that for light to prosper, darkness must remain, that with no shadows, there was no light. And so her story began.

Each Spirit is assigned a Guardian, a protector of sorts compelled to assist them in their travels and duties throughout the worlds. For Anne, it was her brother, Michael.
A boy just a few years older than she, Michael has been with Anima ever since she was born. Together they travelled the world, drawn from place to place by Anima's 'sense', the feeling within her compelling her from place to place, protecting the innocent from villainous acts, or, in some instances, helping such monstrosities occur. Just twelve years old when her duties officially began, the responsibility took it's toll on the girl. She became quiet, reserved. She never had the chance to be a proper young girl, never learned how to read or write. All she knew was fighting, the screams of innocents as they were killed before her eyes... sometimes, even, by her own hands.

This continued all throughout Anne's life. She and her brother saw awful, awful things, but somehow he remained a rock. Someone she could depend on. For Anima, though, it became exceedingly difficult to persevere. She was compelled to, there was no stopping that, but she wanted nothing more than a way out, to somehow pass on her responsibility to another.

Perhaps her prayers were answered, or perhaps inevitability played a part, but one night Anima felt a pull stronger than any she had felt before. She and Michael rushed to wherever she felt the pull, finding themselves at the base of a Mountain they had visited just a year before, when Anne had prevented an avalanche from crushing the nearby town using a combination of all of her powers - one of her fondest memories to date. But this time... there was something else. There was a sick feeling in her stomach, the taste and smell of metal... of blood... of darkness. It happened in an instant, before either of them could even comprehend what was happening. Creatures. Hundreds of them, thousands even. All black, all with glowing yellow eyes. They attack ruthlessly and without mercy, until something happened. A force within Anima began to grow and change, it felt warm but not like fire, more like a hug. It grew out from her like a brilliant light, and suddenly there was darkness.

They were falling. Not down, but not up either. They were in a void, a vacuum. Twisting and moving, like leaves caught in a stream. Something was changing within Anima, she wasn't sure what, but something. She felt hollow and empty, but content at the same time.

Their world had lost it's Spirit.

The Spirit had lost it's world.

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Orbis Anima
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Nicely Done!

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