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Post by Admin on Thu Nov 25, 2010 10:18 pm

.:Rules Concerning Creation:.[/center]

-God Mod Abilities are practically auto-unapproved.
-Make Sure You Know how much magic you have before making your skills or spells as well as how many spells and skills you are allowed to have before making any skills or spells.
-Spells &Skills May Only Cost in intervals of 5 magic, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and so on. This removes the need of calculators for the math impaired.
-There Is No Way To Regain, regenerate or replenish your own magic due to a spell at this point.

-Once you find out how much magic you have, please put it into your signature in this form: Max Magic: (Then how much magic you have here), it makes it much easier for other people.

-When You Use A Skill Or Spell during an RP, remember to put how much magic you spent, and how much you have left--in this form preferably: (90 magic left, 10 magic spent).
-Do Not Constantly Barrage the moderators and admins for approval. We are few, and normally somewhat busy.
-Know What You Want before going in to make a new spell, don't wing it, its messy and a pain for moderators and admins to fix up.
-If You Are Unapproved for a spell or skill, revamp it, and try again, if it is still unapproved, give up and move on.
-If You Fail to follow the format, chances are, you will be unapproved, moderators will ignore your post, or you don't really have a need for said spell or skill.
-If You Aren't descriptive enough with your spells and skills, there is a decent chance of being unapproved or causing pain for moderators and admins.
-If You Have more than one spell idea at once, by all means, post them in one topic and make sure the title is plural, indicating more than one spell.
-Title Your Post Subject with the spells name. Its quicker and nicer to look at then: "Bobs spellz."
-If You Come Up with more spells after getting a spell approved beforehand, do not post or edit the new spell into an old topic, just make a new one, its nice and easy for moderators and administrators.
-Do Not See someone else spell or skill and copy it because is a good idea. That is not only uncreative but its unfair and boring, these will be unapproved.
-Do Not Make a spell that can use its effect multiple times for one expenditure of magic, such as "Can shoot three balls of energy for 10mp,” “Can shoot six balls of magic for 20mp.”
-Please Do Not make skills or spells only a certain form can use, its kind of irritating, and don't make 5 spells for a form when you can only have 2 spells overall, it inst fair.
-Do Not Make technologically-based spells or skills, they are not allowed anymore, small cases may get by, but for the most part they will be unapproved.
-Do Not Make completely melee-based spells or skills, that basically means its a normal attack in a certain style, chances are it would be god moddish.
-Do Not "Upgrade" your spells after you make them. Choose what you want and post it. Mods and admins don't have time to deal with the same spell seven times, so make it exactly what you want then and there, then post it to get it approved once and once only.


Magical Acquirement System

Appendix A

Remember all you start out with 50 MP and finish off with 1000. (unless more MP is granted from gifts and other stuff such as Tournaments.)

Staring Out: 50 MP
At 1000 Points: 100 MP
At 1500 Points: 120 MP
At 2000 Points: 140 MP
At 2500 Points: 160 MP
At 3000 Points: 180 MP
At 3500 Points: 200 MP
At 4000 Points: 220 MP
At 4500 Points: 240 MP
At 5000 Points: 260 MP
At 5500 Points: 280 MP
At 6000 Points: 300 MP
At 6500 Points: 320 MP
At 7000 Points: 340 MP
At 7500 Points: 360 MP
At 8000 Points: 380 MP
At 8500 Points: 400 MP
At 9000 Points: 420 MP
At 9500 Points: 440 MP
At 10000 Points: 460 MP
At 10500 Points: 480 MP
At 11000 Points: 500 MP
At 12000 Points: 520 MP
At 13000 Points: 540 MP
At 14000 Points: 560 MP
At 15000 Points: 580 MP
At 16000 Points: 600 MP
At 17000 Points: 620 MP
At 18000 Points: 640 MP
At 19000 Points: 660 MP
At 20000 Points: 680 MP
At 21000 Points: 700 MP
At 22000 Points: 720 MP
At 23000 Points: 740 MP
At 24000 Points: 760 MP
At 25000 Points: 780 MP
At 26000 Points: 800 MP
At 27000 Points: 820 MP
At 28000 Points: 840 MP
At 29000 Points: 860 MP
At 30000 Points: 880 MP
At 31000 Points: 900 MP
At 32000 Points: 920 MP
At 33000 Points: 940 MP
At 34500 Points: 960 MP
At 37000 Points: 980 MP
At 40000 Points: 1000 MP

It may be upgraded again in the future, but for now, 1000 is the maximum, unless you acquire magic in a special tournament or event.


::Spells & Skills Template::

Name: (What is the name of the Spell/Skill you are applying for?)

Element(s): (what Elements, if any, apply to this Spell/Skill?

Cost: (How much does this Spell/Skill cost, in increments of 5?)

Description: (What does your Spell/Skill physically look like?)

Effect: (What effect(s) does your Spell/Skill have on people
or things?

History: (How did you acquire this Spell/Skill? Optional.)

You may also add any pictures here if you like.


Appendix B

Keep in mind, that spells and skills cannot have things such as "stuns for 2 turns" or "freezes enemy for 5 turns" since when you RP, things are never truly set in stone. Therefore, if you wish to stun someone, just describe how it stuns them; for example, Causes them to be unable to move for a short time, or; for the freezing example, If the spell hits his target, it freezes the target in an encasement of ice. Don't be exact or precise unless further addressed by a moderator or administrator/


Spells & Skills Limits

Starting Out: 1st and 2nd Spells
1000 Points: 3rd Spell
2000 Points: 4th Spell
3000 Points: 5th Spell
4000 Points: 6th Spell
5000 Points: 7th Spell
6500 Points: 8th Spell
8000 Points: 9th Spell
9500 Points: 10th Spell
11000 Points: 11th Spell
13000 Points: 12th Spell
15000 Points: 13th Spell
17000 Points: 14th Spell
20000 Points: 15th Spell
23000 Points: 16th Spell
26000 Points: 17th Spell
30000 Points: 18th Spell
34500 Points: 19th Spell
40000 Points: 20th Spell

You must follow this format for the number of spells you have, if you try to make more than you are allowed they are instantly unapproved and/or deleted.


Appendix C

Magic does not recover during an rp, and almost all the time, once you use magic, it stays gone; however, it only stays gone in that rp. In each rp you enter, you start with your magic at full. This is done to keep battles from dragging on forever and also to make things riskier to battle over. The only viable way of regaining MP is finding a way to sacrifice LP for it.

If You Have Any Further Questions, Please Feel Free To Send Any Inquiries To A Staff Member Via PM.


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