All That Remains -- Sirius' Plot

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All That Remains -- Sirius' Plot

Post by Sirius on Thu Mar 14, 2013 3:52 am

Malik's creations have recently been revived by some unknown force, way more powerful than a normal Replica would. The only known, currently activated Replica is Kato, the Heartstrings Puppeteer.

Target Name -- Kato
Age - 2 Months
Gender - Male



Kato is an extremely unpredictable individual. His main elemental domain is over Illusion, but reports show that Fire and Earth might very well be in his arsenal. Through extensive study, the target's trait has become known.

Trait: Kato can teleport short distances with a whooshing sound, but is unable to move after teleporting for about a second. He also seems to be able to teleport relatively close objects to him, as well, but there is no more information showing limits to it's range.

Kato has no known MP Limit, however, his skills seem to be focused on charging and recharging, so bursts of magic won't be a problem. He draws his power from his masks, which float around them acting as physical shields, so using magic to destroy them is recommended. His known skills are as follows.

Heart Whisper: Kato wills someone to do something, or implants an idea into there head. The smarter someone is, the more they seem to be able to resist it. Nobodies and Heartless are unaffected by this. 5 Post recharge.

Terrify: Kato creates a monster of extreme ferocity, however, it is just an animated image. It can be heard, but not felt. Lasts for one post, needs the entire post to charge up.

False Bomber: Kato hurls three fireballs (all at a 20 MP power), however only one is real and can leave 2nd degree burns. They are about the size of a baseball and can be thrown in any order, or all three at once. Once per post.

After-Strike: Kato is struck, in which he disappears and re-appears behind the enemy, striking. 3 Post Recharge.

Fly: Kato can fly at speeds of 25 MPH.

Complete Limit: Kato takes available masks around him and throws them at the opponent telekenetically, which all explode in a 10 foot radius and can blow an alimb off if they all hit together. Alone, they can break weaker bones like ribs and fingers. Once per topic, and renders Kato unable to fight without his masks.

Kato is known to have a summon, but no one who has seen it is actually alive.

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