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Post by Ire on Tue Mar 26, 2013 3:30 pm

As you know, Heartless are creatures of the heart-- born from darkness within ones heart. There seems to be a misunderstanding then, regarding humanoid heartless.

There are only three instances of these 'Psuedo Heartless'. Let's discuss the most well-known of the them first: Ansem, Seeker of Darkness (also known as Xehenort's Heartless/Terra-Xehenort's Heartless). Because he intentionally seperated his body and soul, Ansem managed to retain his intelligence and self-hood as a Heartless.

Ansem did not have a body until he possess Riku's and took it for his own. After Riku's heart resisted Ansem's control, he seemingly expelled it into the Realm of Darkness. He did not have his own body, unlike the second example.

Sora breifly become a Heartless under the same circumstances as Ansem. Intentionally releasing his Heart to save Kairi, Sora became a shadow heartless (as stated, the amount of darkness in a person's heart determines the type of heartless they become). Amazingly, he retained Selfhood as a heartless, and Kairi's light managed to give Sora human form. He is the only instance of a Heartless with Human form until the point he reunites with Roxas at the beginning of KHII.

The third example is Scar of the Pridelands. Its was confirmed that shortly before he died he became heartless because of the Anger and Rage in his heart, and he also managed to retain his original form. It is not known how this was done, but we can infer that he simply had so much darkness in his heart that he retained his original appearance, even after losing his body.

So if you are going to make a humanoid Heartless, bear these in mind:

1.) Without a suitable explaination, you will not be granted a Human Appearance.

2.) Heartless Characters, while not neccesarily evil, have the drive to collect hearts. Its not required, but its an internal struggle they all must face.


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