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Post by Ire on Sun Oct 27, 2013 10:12 pm

The Statistics are as follows:

Strength: This determines the physical strength of your character, i.e. what they can lift, what they can push, the weapons they can wield, and how hard their attacks hit. Don't expect weak characters to be carrying massive swords or overpowering stronger people.

Durability: This determines the amount of physical abuse your character can take before they ultimately die or pass out from the injuries. This also determines how much force it takes to inflict damage upon them. Characters that are not very durable will not take hits well at all.

Magic Power: This determines how powerful and complex your magic can be, as well as the level of the elements that you can use. Characters not strong in magic will not be able to produce comparatively effective spells.

Magic Resistance: The determines the severity of effects magic inflicts upon your character. Whether or not it hurts you a lot or not at all, or whether you resist certain effects or ultimately succumb to them.

Speed: This determines how fast your character moves, their reaction time, and overall their ability to dodge. A slow character will wind up taking a lot of abuse from those faster than themselves.

Agility: This determines how well your character moves, how robust their range of movement is, and how acrobatic your character is from sticking nearly impossible landing to having the utmost hand-eye coordination and accuracy.

Stamina: This determines how long your character can perform without tiring, or how long they can drag out a specific action or stance. Characters with low stamina don't last long in fights before tiring.

Synthesis: This determines how powerful the items you make in the armory can be. This stat is the difference between a normal sword with a puny effect, and a legendary weapon of fearsome power.

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