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Post by Azure on Mon Apr 28, 2014 4:20 am

Name: Azure

Age: 30

Race: Nobody

Weapons: Sword

Elements: Cure, Nothingness, (Light; will be gained later)

As an adult man, Azure looks the part, standing slightly higher than 5 foot. He looks rather plain, except for his white hair, which is thought a genetic mutation inherited from his father's bloodline. He has well built body but not explicitly muscular.

Personality: Being just recently reborn as a Nobody, he is still unsure who he is and his reactions to things in the world. He lost about half of his memories, and had not remembered what happened prior to him losing his heart and becoming a Nobody. Initially he is more apathetic and impartial, but curious.

Affinities: He is an expert in cure magic.

Weakness: His weakness lies in magic resistance against ice and wind.

History: Azure only remember fragments of his past life. Most of it was that as a doctor in a woodland town, one he forgot its name and where it is. He remembers his daily life, his practice and knowledge, and names and faces of his neighbors and patients. However he forgotten most memory of his time as a kid growing up in his home city.

Only recently he woke up under a tree, in the forest of Twilight Town. This is where his story continues.



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