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Post by Ire on Sat Mar 30, 2013 8:47 am

As we all know, nobodies are the animated husk left behind after a strong willed individual loses their heart to the darkness. Whereas Heartless are the Darkness of the Heart made flesh, the Nobody consists of the body and soul left behind.

The stronger the will of the individual, the stronger the nobody. The most powerful nobodies look exactly like their previous incarnations, although special circumstances have occasionally produced alternate appearances.

Starting out, Nobodies have access to only the Nothingness Element. Other than Roxas and Xion no Nobodies had control over the light, and only the Riku Replica had control over Darkness. It could be argued that since Xion and the Riku Replica were merely Replica's that this a paradigm for all of them. I would disagree without a convincing argument.

In time, as the Nobody becomes self aware I will concede that due it growing its own heart out of memories, they may Roleplay out gaining either Light or Darkness to add to their elemental arsenal.

Note: If making a custom character, then without a valid excuse you may not ever have an X in your nobody name.

In character, you'd likely not even change your name if you'd become a nobody (though that is the RPers choice). HOWEVER, the X in each Nobodies was derived from a.) XEhenort's fascination with the X-Blade and b.) Served a tracking device, allowing Xemnas to know where every Organization member was at all times.

Below are certain requirements for certain circumatances to occur in custom creation:

--If you want an emotional Nobody starting out, your history will need to be sufficeintly compelling. If not, then you'll need to jump into character and start doing some good ol' character development.

--For custom nobodies, without being contacted by Xemnas it is extremely unlikely that you rearranged your name to place an X in it, invented a new name that happened to have an X in it, or ect. Refrain from using that trait unless your history provides an extrmely good reason. Coincidence will not cut it.


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