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Character Progression Curve (Wip) Empty Character Progression Curve (Wip)

Post by Ire on Sun Oct 27, 2013 10:59 pm

Characters progress by posting in the role play sections, and with each post grow in power. The below is the general gradient of growth for characters.

Below 3000 Points (Average)
At this stage, you are on par with a normal human. You're normal. Flat. That isn't to say you're not impressive in your own right. However at this stage your character is by no means a major player, being on equal grounds with most of the NPCs they'll encounter in the world. A Normal Human's statistics at the highest, and the lowest, will look something like this:

Strength- At the weakest, you're out of shape. You'd barely be able to lift fifty pounds, let alone perform most feats of strength that people are known for. At the best, you can lift your own body weight with some effort.

Durability- At the worst, you're brittle. Prone to injury and sickness, you've simply not grown to be as 'rough and tumble' as your peers. At the best, you've been 'lucky'. You've fallen from trees before and been beaten up, but you've not really suffered much for it, and bounced back quickly if you had.

Magic Power- At worst, your magic is utterly non-existent. You're good at card tricks, but not much more. At best, its extra simple. Conjuring mere fireballs or casting the most basic cure spells. They aren't exactly potent, but they are magic.

Magic Resistance- At the worst, Magic hurts you badly. Your body isn't used to enduring its energy, and its effects upon you can be crippling if not deadly. At best, you've been exposed to an outside source of it in some way on a consistent basis since you were young. While not necessarily adept at handling it, you have built up a tolerance to magic spells.

Speed- At worst, you're slow. You come in last when timed for races, and tend to have a rather sluggish reaction to your environment. At best, you are one of the first-finishers in short dashes. You react to your environment just under a second or so, which is a rather quick response time.

Agility- At worst, you are not very graceful. You're clumsy, heavy-handed, and are a poor shot. At best, you move elegantly. You exhibit great dexterity and care for your environment, and tend to be capable of impressive shots.

Stamina- At worst, you get winded easily. Running, working out, stretching even-- you are quiet simply out of shape, and prolonging activity too much will take a toll on you. At best, you can run for a little bit without needing to rest, and perform basic exercises without tiring easily.

Synthesis- At worst, you produce below average weapons with no effects to speak of. They are poor quality, they break easily, and are in need of constant repair and upkeep. At best, they are fair quality. The effects they have are severly limited, but they are reliable in battle.

3000 Points (Professional)
You've grown as your journey has progressed, and are now on par with most professional athletes. You're by no means a record setter, but you've got a leg up on your average peers.

Strength- At worst, you do as much as the average human is capable of, able to transport about fifty pounds in your arms without much trouble or lift about one hundred pounds off you with some physical exertion. At your best, you're a professional body builder in terms of strength. You handle weight very well, able to lift a few hundred pounds and carry about the same amount of weight with severe effort.

Durability- At worst, you can take a bit of a thrashing, though too much and you'll break. In this respect you're average, and while not impressive you've taken minor injuries from minor things, and never managed to hurt yourself more than you should have with a decent recovery time. At best, you can take a severe beating and bounce back fast. You're also somewhat harder to damage than an average human at their peak.

Magic Power- At worst, your magic is starting to develop finally. You've gotten the hang of basic spells, but they aren't terribly potent and have limited use. At best, your measly powers have become somewhat more formidable, and your spells have gained a little bit more power and complexity with a comparatively smaller effort.

Magic Resistance- At worst, the journey you've been on has finally started your body on the path to building a defense against magic. You've got a minor resistance to it, and the effects aren't as bad as they once were. At best, your preexisting resistance had started to grow. You resist magic fairly well, but still take most of the damage from it.

Speed- At worst, you've finally got your body up to par with an average runner. You react to your environment faster than before, though that's not saying a whole lot. At most, you've gotten to the point where you give record setters a run for their money. You come close, but you haven't surpassed them just yet. The time that passes between something happening, and you responding to it, has decreased slightly, though noticeably.

Agility- At worst, you aren't as clumsy as you once were. Your movements are a lot more purposeful than they've ever been before, though you occasionally experience slip ups. You've also gained greater awareness of your own body, able to coordinate it better. At best, you're a small time acrobat and your aim has improved. You can stick difficult landings, and have become somewhat difficult to unbalance. You also can, with enough time, sight targets up to a few hundreds yards away.

Stamina- At worst, you've stopped getting so easily winded. You are now capable of a level of activity your average peers were, and as a result have become more flexible in a variety of ways. At best, you've gotten even better at managing your energy and breathing, in addition to your body just natural having more to work with. You can run for much longer periods, and fight for much longer too.

Synthesis- At worst your weapons are no longer unreliable-- they've become average quality, and now anybody could use them in combat to better effect. you still can't apply magic to them, but at least you have a stable sword. At best, your already fair quality weapons have jumped into a higher tier. They've been made with better materials, they've been made with more refined methods, and they've gotten better magical effects. Still not items of myth, but any warrior would be proud to use these.

9000 Points (Olympian)
Your hard work and long journey continues to reward you. With your growth in power you've become a force to be reckoned with, though there's still a long journey ahead till you reach your maximum potential... Welcome to a new point in your life Olympian.

Strength- At worst you can pack somewhat of a punch and lift around one hundred pounds with some extra effort. You're anything but weak physically but you certainly aren't the most remarkable in terms of your physical process to say the least. At your best you're a champion however. You pack quite the punch and can lift close to a thousand pounds, certainly a force to be reckoned with.

Durability- At your worst you can take more than a handful of beatings but you're anything but invincible. In other words you're a decent bit above average but that's about it. At your best you can be pummeled to a pulp and hop right back up ready to fight the good fight despite the brutal assault unleashed on you. You're no titan but it's going to be harder to leave a lasting mark on you far more than before.

Magic Power- At worst you're pretty average in terms of magic. You can cast basic spells with ease and they can leave a lasting impact if your opponent isn't careful. At your best you've proven that you're a more than capable mage. Your spells are able to leave quite the mark upon a opponent and they'd be wise to keep an eye out for any spells cast by you.

Magic Resistance- At worst you're rather average at withstanding magic but it's a still thing to keep an eye out for. After all, a good spell is still a force to be reckoned with regardless of your ability to withstand more magic. At your best you can shrug off most basic spells with little damage from them and take a bit less damage from the more potent ones.

Speed- At worst you've become fairly above average in terms of your speed. You can put up a good fight in a race and come close to beating a handful of individuals renowned to your speed. At best you've become someone who blows through marathons and comes out on top you. You steal the records of the runners you previously came close to beating almost as quick and swift as you are on your feet. It wouldn't be a surprise if your opponents were just too slow to keep up with you.

Agility- At worst you're slightly above average. You can do basic acrobatics with little to no effort and maneuver your body rather easily. At your best you're an adept acrobat who can do skillful flips and tricks while at the same time being able to maneuver your body quickly and with little to no worry.

Stamina- You can run a fair quite the distance with almost nonexistent fatigue and are slightly above average at your worst. At your best you can run and fly for a large amount of time. Saying you're adept at managing your energy would be an understatement but you can still become exhausted and fatigued naturally.

Synthesis- At worst you craft an efficient and adept blade that's strong, durable, and you've also got a few magical effects to add now. They aren't potent or legendary but they do their job. At best you create blades with durable materials that are far from the average sword created by some random blacksmith. Aside from this you've also got some more than potent magical effects behind them that prove to be more than reliable.

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