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Forms and Transformation Template  Empty Forms and Transformation Template

Post by Admin on Thu Nov 25, 2010 9:43 pm

.:Rules Concerning Creation:.

-Always Follow The Template no matter what. It doesn't matter what excuse you have—use the template as it is written or you will be auto-unapproved and/or deleted on sight.
-Be Very Descriptive and use as many details as you possibly can. It helps everyone to understand precisely what you are trying to say.
-Please Make Sure To read and follow the instructions on Form limits and when you can and cannot make a new one and how long they can last in an RP.
-No God Mod forms. All forms MUST have some sort of physical weakness before it can be approved.
-Do Not Annoy the KH Staff for approvals. We are few and usually busy so we'll get to it wen we can.
-All Forms cost Limit Points. There are very few exceptions to this rule.


Forms & Transformations Requirements


Forms & Transformations Template

Name: (What is the name of the Form?)

Source: (How many Limit Points does it cost to activate?)

Duration: (How long does the Form last?)

Element: (If any, what elements does it use?)

Advantages: (How does it help you? Include any abilities you might gain in here.)

Drawbacks: (What becomes worse when using it?)

Description: (What physical changes are made? Are there any physical changes? Pictures are acceptable.)

History: (Can be brief, but what happened when/how did your character obtained this Form? Optional. Remove this portion of the template if you are not going to fill it out.)

Pictures: (Any pictures of what your characters look like when in the Rhythm go here. If there are none then remove this portion of the template.)

If You Have Any Further Questions, Please Feel Free To Send Any Inquiries To A Staff Member Via PM.


Form Limits

Starting Out: 1st Form
1000 Points: 2nd Form
3500 Points: 3rd Form
7000 Points: 4th Form
11500 Points: 5th Form
16500 Points: 6th Form
21500 Points: 7th Form
30000 Points: 8th Form
40000 Points: 9th Form


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