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.:Summons Template & Rules:.


Appendix A: Definition

Now as you know, Summoning is used in battle to call on a beast or other being to help you out during battle. They only last a certain time and they have certain abilities, too.


.:Rules Concerning Creation:.

-No God Mod summons, they will be unapproved, and probably deleted on sight.
-All Summons Must Cost Magic, however there are instances where summons can be used out of combat without cost.
-Make Sure you know how many summons you are allowed to have before making new ones!
-Make Sure you know how much magic you have before making new summons!
-If You Fail to follow the template for your summon, then it will most likely be unapproved, be ignored, or just cause trouble for Moderators & Admins.
-Do Not Barrage moderators and administrators with requests for approval, we are few and usually busy! Not to mention it's just annoying and pisses us off.
-Pictures Of Summons are greatly appreciated! It helps us understand your summon more!
-If You Come Up with more ideas for summons, make new topics for them. Do not post or edit them into old topics of already approved summons. It will get deleted.
-Title Summons with their names, its nicer to look at then "bOBs SUmmoN". This also means that you must title the Subject of your post accordingly.
-The Same Summon may be summoned multiple times during an RP, but only if the previous usage of the summon is expended before using the summon again unless otherwise specified that multiple exists. You must also keep using more magic each time.


Summons Template

Name: (What is your Summon's name?)

Limit Points: (How many Limit Points does it cost to summon? All Summons require magic to call forth.)

Quantity: (How many creatures appear per casting for this particular Summon?)

Duration: (How long do(es) the Summon(s) last?)

Element: (What element(s) is it aligned to? Remember is must be one of your chosen elements.)

Description: (Pictures are accepted, but if you don't have one tell us about it here (put the pictures at the bottom).)

Abilities: (What magic or abilities can your summons use?)

History: (It can be brief, but explain what link your character has to the summon. Optional. Remove this portion of the template if you choose to not include it.)


Summons Amount Limits

Starting Out: 1st Summon
1000 Points: 2nd Summon
3500 Points: 3rd Summon
7000 Points: 4th Summon
11500 Points: 5th Summon
16500 Points: 6th Summon
21500 Points: 7th Summon
30000 Points: 8th Summon
40000 Points: 9th Summon


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